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Gustav Holst – The Planets – Venus, The Bringer of Peace – arrangement by Duo Telluur


René Eespere “Respectus” – the first official video of Duo Telluur. Sound by Nikita Shishkov, video by Nikolai Alhazov

LIVE Concert DEMO from 5.04.2017

LIVE Concert DEMO from 1.10.2016

Jacques Ibert “Entracte” (2016) Sound: Nikita Shishkov

Jose Lezcano “Canciones de Iluvia” (excerpts; concert recording 21.05.2016)

Enrique Granados “Valses Poeticos”  (excerpts; concert recording 21.05.2016).

Bela Bartok – Rumenian folk dances I & IV. The first TV performance of Duo Telluur (ETV+ 2016).